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VIP-POS is a new, Cloud-based POS system designed to be so easy-to-use that anyone in your business can learn it. It combines all of the key functions of a traditional point of sale and inventory system, plus so much more.
Now you can keep your inventory in check with the VIP-POS App and rest easy knowing that you’ve covered everything from cash flow to customer loyalty.

  • VIP-POS is an all-in-one point of sale system that works for any business.
  • Reduces time spent on admin tasks.
  • VIP-POS is an easy integration with your existing VIP Pay Card machines.
  • It’s a fast, simple and seamless way to get up and running in minutes.
  • Send invites to your customer, book them through our app, and order directly for pick-up or delivery.
  • For a low monthly fee, you can integrate with a VIP PAY card machine so you. have instant access to the funds you need—no more waiting in line, no more worrying.
  • It’s fully compatible with UK time zones, so you can run your business 24/7.
  • Request a free consultation today to learn more about our features and how they can help your business.
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All Modules of VIP POS?

Because it’s the only POS system that understands all your needs on the floor!

Features of VIPPOS

Inventory Management

Professional inventory management with supplier ordering, professional use tracking, and retail stock

Features of VIPPOS

Appointment scheduling

Professional calendar tools for booking Salon Appointments, hotel Rooms or restaurant Tables.

Features of VIPPOS

Clock In / Clock Out Timings

You can track all your staff's timings directly throught our Clock In Clock Out systems.

Features of VIPPOS

Multiple Payment Options

Accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, cash, and more with easy-to-use software for any business.

Features of VIPPOS

Drive More Sales

You can get more sales by enabling remote ordering, collection, and integration with your website.

Features of VIPPOS


As your goals shift, you can quickly add or remove tools according to your business, all with a couple of taps.

Features of VIPPOS

Payment processing

Effortless in-app payments with saved client cards, and in-store payment terminals

Features of VIPPOS

Reporting and analytics

Optimize your business with insights from live performance dashboards.

Features of VIPPOS

Cloud Management

With our cloud based system you have the freedom to view your business in real-time.

Improve your business productivity and profitability with VIP-POS

Grow your business with VIP POS

You can't stop progress, but you can prepare for it. Our Complete POS system has all the latest features. VIP POS is more than just point-of-sale software—it's the future of your business. Transform your business with the most advanced point of sale software available on the market today. You'll get all the tools and features you need to succeed in the modern retail world. VIP POS is a complete POS system for all types of businesses, from restaurants to retail pharmacies.

Whether you're just starting out or an established retailer, we offer multiple plans for every type of business, so there is something that will work for you. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you succeed.

The Right Point-of-Sale for Your Business:

Getting your Point-of-Sale system just right is difficult, but it’s not impossible. VIP-POS Software can help you avoid the headache of compatibility issues and get your business on the right track. Manage your business with ease, accuracy, and versatility on one platform. Keep up with inventory, sales, and daily operations with the VIP-POS software.

  • Premium security, full UK support. The system you need with premium support and no hidden fees.
  • Simple to use with easy product / sales management.
  • Our software runs on Windows or Mobile and is compatible with your POS.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our clients and our response to give you some clarity about we work.

1. What is a POS System?

Point of sale systems is a combination of hardware and software that help you with your business. Unlike traditional till systems, it records sales and can generate detailed reports in response to input data.

2. What is a VIP POS system used for?

VIP POS systems perform a wide range of functions, including inventory management, sales reporting, staff management, barcoding, and customer relationship management. Payment processing is also available with VIP POS solutions.

3. How does a VIP POS system work?

The VIP POS system connects to the internet, integrates with payment providers, and processes cash and credit/debit transactions. It also stores all of your data securely in the cloud so that you can access it anywhere from any device.

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